Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is everyone else in love?

I've been having these long talks with a few girlfriends about love. Is love even worth it? The commitment it takes to allow someone to have that much of you is more than most of us can handle. You are allowing them and their drama, troubles, and skeletons into your life. You are opening yourself up to all they have to offer and need to terminate. Is that worth it? I agree it's nice to have another body in bed, constant movie and dinner companion, and someone to kill the bugs and take out the trash. BUT, I look at the drama I've been in since returning to this area. The man pool is shallow and they know it. I have been bored, lied to, cheated on, harassed, and annoyed. They don't have to be handsome, entertaining, gentleman, because the pool is shallow and they know it!!! So I think I'm gonna be off men. I think I'm going to give up on making something work in hopes that eventually something will just work. Ignoring sex, because lets be honest, there's no sex out there good enough to excuse bullshit! I'm just gonna clock out for a while. In this time I'll rework my list of requirements, or hopes and dreams, and make sure that I'm not asking for anything I cannot supply. So to everyone out there living hopelessly in love, congrats and I hope it doesn't bite you square in the ass!

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