Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Very often I read a comment that I wish I could respond to personally. You all are such motivating and beautiful people. I feel very blessed to have people follow me who send me such warm thoughts. I get great comments that help lift me out of bad moods, give me a new perspective on things, or just offer a laugh. For all of this, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you! Please know that your words are very much appreciated!

From my heart to you, with lots of love


  1. That is a very sweet note to your readers Leandrea (by the way, love your name; it's very feminime and pretty). I do read your blog and several others, but unfortunately I don't always get a chance to leave comments on everyone's, though I do take a lot from a lot of blog posts I read. Bless you friend!


  2. AnonymousJune 03, 2009

    Leandrea, You blog is lovely. I, too, have been inspired by the MBC sites and women. I hope you find time to visit my site as well!! Great to connect!


  3. You have a wonderful blog that I really enjoy. Thanks for this lovely sentiment for your followers.

  4. Hey, its Brandy Davis- I just followed your twitter link and read some of your recent posts and realized we have so much in common. I really wish we lived in the same town because I yearn for mommy friends! Especially that I can relate to--single mom, student, trying to figure out how to balance my devotion to my son with my own needs in life. Next time you are in Dallas or I am in Texarkana let's get together for coffee or something.

  5. I just found you on MBC. I added myself as a follower. :) You can find me at

    Beautiful jewelry too. :)