Saturday, February 6, 2010

Journey to Thirty #4 - Realization: I'm single. So what?!

So I'm watching Oprah, again, and it just sparked another realization. There was a beautiful 40 something year old woman trying to fix her "single" problem. What?! I'm not that much of an oddity! There are other single women on this planet. Some of them are even older than me. I don't have to purchase a cat or any of the other stereotypical single lady crazy!
No need to put that much energy in obtaining the right relationship. He will come when the time is right. Take this time to become, or fine tune, who you want to attract. I realize that I can't expect to find the perfect man when I am so imperfect. I rather wait and get my ducks in a row to attract a man with his ducks in a row. Would you want to date a man like you?
I had to learn to ask myself that question. When I took a hard financial hit and was working out some kinks on my credit, did I want a man like me? When I was struggling to figure out the next career and life step, did I want to find a man like me? While I'm working 12 hours a day, at least, between my job and my business, do I want to attract a man doing the same? Or, would I rather be comfortable in the management of my finances and credit and my job and business to appreciate the man who's got his stuff together too? I think I rather get me together and attract the man who's got himself together too. Then we can live happily ever after with growing successful careers and businesses and zero down 100% financed.

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