Monday, February 9, 2009


I own a business. I'm the stressed out, proud, owner of a Internet based jewelry company. I am the blood, sweat, and tears behind, in front, beside, on top of, and underneath blaisedENVY. My talent is located at or Who would have ever thought it would be this difficult and time consuming? I have committed to this business though. This is me shaping my destiny, taking control of my life, and doing what makes me truly happy. I love fashion, I love stepping out and staying in, I love the female form, I love knowing what's right for any body type, and I love using my body as a canvas for expression everyday. You can tell my mood by my outfit, my hair style, and my accessories. They speak for me just as well as the expression on my face.

And, I love business. I love marketing. I love the production and planning. I love strategizing. I love everything about it. I think I found my calling. I just want to make sure that I do what it takes to have this stressed out bliss everyday of my life. God help me!!!

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