Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh no!

What if I end up a bitter old woman?! I don't take much from the boys these days. I think I may even be waiting for the boys to screw up enough for me to point it out. So am I turning into a real life bitch. Have I been driven to this point, or am I hiding behind the potential of being driven to this point. Huh? Maybe so. I'm tired of the shenanigans! I just want to find the handsome, successful, kind, trustworthy, stable, and genuine artsy man of my dreams. Is this too much to ask? I mean I'm a cute girl, no a beautiful woman. I have a great head balanced on these shoulders. I'm innovative, honest, an A + dreamer, clocked in mother, consistent to a fault, and ridiculously loyal. I'm establishing my own business. I'm managing my life. I need an amazing man who can get right, because I'm tired of meeting the losers that get left.

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