Saturday, May 1, 2010

Journey to Thirty #13 - Realization: Trust yourself

I'm a Kanye West fan. As of April 12th, he's done nothing I see as so awful that I'm willing to burn my CDs. He's an incredible artist.
That was the prequel to...I spent the 5+ mile drive to work listening to Kanye's Bring Me Down ft. Brandy on repeat. Early in the song he says, "I'm gonna look in the mirror if I need some help." Wow! I've had this CD since the day it was released, but I've never really heard those words before. Those lyrics spoke to me. I need to trust that I have my own answers more.
Trust yourself. Stress would drive me to an ear because I wanted the compassion of someone else. I usually just got added stress. A secret is not a secret once you share it. People do dangerous stuff when they are jealous, angry, or opportunistic. I need to depend on me, and seek solace in the Lord more. I can trust having Him as my confidant.

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