Sunday, January 24, 2010

Journey to Thirty #1 - Realization: Happy Birthday

Realizations: I'm sure this is just the first of many realizations as the year progresses. I actually already have numerous realizations just waiting for their turn on this blog. But, let's start this slowly with my anger about not getting birthday wishes from the two men that always seem so desperate to rip off my clothes in the throws of passion. Interesting.
If there is a man in your life that doesn't remember your birthday he's not the right man for you. I'll go much further in depth as my journey to thirty progresses, but the short of the long is you should be memorable. I woke up, this 29th birthday, to my FB wall filling up with birthday wishes. I had text messages pouring in and the phone ringing ridiculously. I loved every second of it! I'm still loving every second of it! But during the hoopla I realized the most recent crash and burn relationship never said a word and the one before him didn't either. Huh?! During the complexities of these relationships they claimed to adore me. Then why can't you remember the only day on the calendar that belongs to me? If I was so important it would have rang in your ears like a tardy bell. But, you promise you want me back. You want me back bad!!!!
Now of course I couldn't wait until the 11th hour to remind them of this mistake. I did it 15 minutes ago. I wanted my "Happy Birthday!" Plus, the nervous laugh that followed my, "did you honestly forget my birthday," was great for my buzz. Well just as if they were one person they both apologized fifty thousand times, promised me gifts I'll probably never see, and asked if I wanted birthday sex. Ummm, nope. I'm not looking for sex from anyone, but even if I was hard up, no super hard up, I wouldn't want yours if I had replaced my girl parts with someone else's goodies. No thanks.
Some may say birthdays are no big deal, but to me they are. The card I sent on their birthdays were big deals, and the thoughtful gift I purchased, when the love was there, was appreciated. Give me, at the very least, the same back! Because my main complaint in matters of the heart is that men don't make their actions match their words. If you claim to care so deeply, love me with your whole heart, and can't see yourself with any other girl, remember my damn birthday loser!

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