Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day...yeah sure it is

Mother's Day is beautiful in theory. I spent the day threatening my child in church, helping my mother move furniture, and helping to make it the best day for other people. Is this the curse of the young mom? Are we more daughters and granddaughters than mothers? I did have the opportunity to sneak away for a quick Happy Mother's Day to me pedicure, that my son later stepped on. I just wonder when I get to see the shift. When does the single mother, daughter, and granddaughter get to be appreciated on Mother's Day too? Really, when???

I know this sounds really self fish, but I do wonder when my time comes. I don't mind being a happy appreciative daughter and granddaughter, but I want someone to giddy over me too. Maybe I need a boyfriend or husband, hmmm...


  1. You are appreciated!! Come visit these posts about Mom's day to know you are loved and appreciated and giddy over everyday!!

  2. That was funny :D
    Hang in there. It's gonna get better.

  3. Girrrrl, you are not alone in your feelings on Mother's Day. I think it's important that we celebrate ourselves instead of waiting for the once a year celebration. I read more than a few of your posts and enjoyed my visit!