Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weight Loss...again

I'm finally figuring this weight loss thing out. It's all about knowledge. It's about reading the nutritional information, the scale, and the clothing sizes. It's about being realistic about my expectations and the work required to meet those expectations. I have some long term goals that I'm not ready to commit to, so I need to keep my focus on my short term goals. As I tackle them one by one, I can see how they effect my long term goals.

I am really beginning to make this healthy living stuff work for me!


  1. Knowledge is the key-read those labels (nutrition facts and ingredients).Good luck and stay healthy!

  2. Good luck Leandrea. I need to commit to
    reading labels, and do some sort of exercise
    at least 5 minutes a day.

    I've already increased my fruit intake to
    make sure my body's getting the stuff it
    needs, and to make less room for junk
    food :~)

  3. I know that my problem is I don't have realistic goals. I just want the weight off!

  4. hey hey. Knowledge is power...and apparently weightloss

  5. I thinks the warm weather makes everyone think of weight loss... I just talked about it this week and got some moms to join in the Motherhood's Motivate-me-to-be-fit circle! (I mist have blogged about it the whole week, too!)

    You got the first step: Will and motivation..I'm sure you'll get there.

    Have a great week!

  6. Your so right about the knowledge...the more you know the better! I've just had my third child and have been trying to lose my weight back too! I love what you said about goal setting...focus on the short term for the meantime...Love it! Thanks for sharing!