Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm not broken

Some people don't mean us any good. Some people are looking for ways to tear us down. They are so dissatisfied with their own beings they look to destroy others. Why does it always seem to be those closest to us?

I have been brutally attacked over the last few days by someone who had zero right. This person has called me names and threatened my safety. They have drug my family into things. They have shown their true colors, and they are ugly. I've never had someone say the things to me this person has said. Their behavior has been cruel, harassing, rude, immature, and sinister. This person has also continuously brought God into this madness, how God feels about me, what God will do to me, etc. Seriously? You would allow the name of the God to be the chaser to the fifty two obscenities you just hurled at me? Instead of worrying yourself over my relationship with God, you should reexamine your own.

This stems from them not getting what they wanted from me when they wanted it. They have failed to realize that in some situations it's way more than the surface. There maybe lots of key players in the story that have to be taken into consideration. It's very important to think major decisions through completely. I repeat, it is very important to think major decision through completely.

I have found I have to be more careful with myself. I cannot allow the ignorance of others to effect me so profoundly again. I cannot share any information with people who have the potential to use it against me later. I have to be far more careful who I chose to share my body with because having a child with someone is a lock greater than imprisonment. When that person has continued ignorant behaviors you must be both parents, mediator, and put on every other hat in the closet. Your knees may become sore from kneeling in prayer so often. Your head will hurt from the ridiculous behaviors. Your heart will break from acts of someone who once told you they loved you. But, you will find peace when you give it to God and step back.

I finally stepped back. I stopped responding. I stopped taking calls. I stopped getting wrapped up in the madness. I prayed over him. I prayed for him. I washed my hands. I walked away. Thank God!

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