Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Showcase...to who?

I had a showcase over the weekend that I would consider unsuccessful. It was a failure. I consider any showcase that does not result in sales a failure. I understand that showcases offer the chance to grow the amount of etsyers that "heart" me, build up my views, and the potential of a treasury inclusion. It gives me the opportunity be seen by all my fellow crafters. I understood this and have pumped a considerable amount of money into showcases. I think about my time. The time I have dedicated to filling my inventory, taking and retaking pictures, building the perfect lists, and corresponding with anyone asking any questions. I compulsively watch the number of views change. I compulsively check out the competition. I compulsively spend the day being compulsive.

I have had a eureka moment though. This moment came in a scenario. If I were a competitve jelly maker at a jelly making competition how would I conduct myself? I would make my jelly, put it in a decorative jar, and design a beautiful presentation. I would dress to impress, and be ready! Just before the the judging started I would walk the mile. I'd size up all my competition. I would try their jellies, and maybe even steal ideas that I could revamp and make better. I would smile warmly at my competition. Then I would return to my seat and begin writing down all my new ideas and never to do ideas. I would fluff my own booth, check my makeup, and smile at all the other last mile competitors and wait for the judging to begin. That's a showcase. I know that I visit the showcase to see what my competition looks like. I "heart" some sellers and items. I get giddy when I see someone pair something I'd only thought of. I jump off line and go create my new piece. I appreciate that showcase for the ideas it sparked. That's it.

I need to walk away from showcases. I have to stop showcasing myself to my competition and co-workers. I need to get out in the world and take advantage of everyone else. Truly, etsy is merely a neighborhood in the world wide web. There's so much untapped opportunity. So I need to post new pictures on my Myspace, www.myspace.com/blaisedENVY, and I need to fill my Facebook with more blaisedENVY information. I tweet on twitter, www.twitter.com/blaisedENVY. I blog like crazy at http://www.CRAZYglamorous.blogspot.com/ and http://www.WORKINGonTODAY.blogspot.com. I belong to www.etsyaoc.ning.com/profile/blaisedENVY, www.etsylove.ning.com/profile/blaisedENVY, and www.mycraft.com/blaisedENVY. I have the avenues to pull in business. I just need to take advantage of them! It's time to stop relying on etsy to make my mark and simply appreciate them for what they are. They are the backdrop of my business, kind of like a pegboard. I appreciate they host all my viewing parties, but they did not sign up to fill out the invitations and do the goodie bags. I'm getting realistic about this, EUREKA!

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  1. Ditto! I laid off the showcasing too and I'm definitely looking for other avenues-on the web and in my city.Good Luck to ya!