Sunday, March 15, 2009

Career v. Student v. Entrepreneur + Mom = Me v. Career + Student + Entrepreneur + Mom = Me

I'm considering big career decision. It would be at two year commitment at minimum. This position would put me back in sales, and I do believe in this product. The downside is that I see it as giving up on my chosen career and my education. Am I turning my back on my drive and my business for the guaranteed successes of someone elses?

I do faithfully attend college. I've found my second wind, and I am back finishing my degree. Would I be throwing all that work away to pursue this career? This is tough. What to do with my massive schooling? I have hours upon hours, multiple certifications, and an Associates Degree. I am down the street from my Bachelors. This work would not be completely utilized in my new career. How do I feel about that?

blaisedENVY has been my passion for the last couple years now. I have created so many beautiful pieces of jewelry. I have so many beautiful accessories and apparel designs left in me. I have crazy potential. I can make this work! Would I be giving up on this dream, this ability, and this work? Can I add 5 - 10 hours to the day and do both? Can I figure out a way to make both work? Is it even possible to make both work?

Bashing this career opportunity does not make it bad. It's still an excellent opportunity that I'd feel like a fool to pass up. I have the chance to jump into a job that will quickly become a very lucrative career. I am sitting atop a gold mine. If I pass this by I will strongly regret it very soon.

So the answer is evident. I must take a shot at this new career. Also, finding or making the time to continue to finish my education and rock blaisedENVY until the wheels fall off. I'm going to have more work on my hands than ever before. This is going to be a defining moment for me. I will be tested. With all of this going on, I'm still a single mom to a attention needing 3 yo. I can do this. The harder I work today, the longer I get to relax tomorrow!

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