Sunday, March 29, 2009

Underdog, I will take you as you are!

Why am I either attracting or attracted to the underdog? This cannot be healthy.

It seems that I continue to take on the guy down on his luck, clocked out on life, w/o goals or ambition, or the chronic victim. This is a very unhealthy problem. I don't know why I end up in this cycle.

I have an odd, unintentional, obsession with the underdog. I don't seem to meet any really outstanding men. I mean I want to meet a man who I am so impressed by I accidentally put my elbow in my plate during dinner. I want someone who reads me between my lines and can draw the right conclusion. Where is he? Instead I end up being approached by the man who is wanting to impress me with a conversation about his sexual conquests, ex-girlfriends, or high school accomplishments. Seriously? For real, for real? The man who is so wrapped up in himself that if I passed out dead in the middle of our date, it could be hours before he even noticed. This man is multiplying quickly and stalking me.

I'm being hit from every direction with the many date-this-way books. I feel like I've read them all at this point. Don't give up your power. I know. Don't think you have to give up too much of yourself to be valued. I know. Don't lose yourself in a man. I know. Be a part of my own plan to realize when I am a part of a positive plan with a man. I know. Don't think I have to settle. I know. Have a reasonable list of wants. I know. I want to go to an eatery with cloth napkins, not paper ones. I know. I know. I know.

I super know, that I'm tired of reading and listening. Dammit, talk to these foolish men. Motivate them to stop being the underdog. Write them a book, or read them a few chapters of the book you wrote for me. Because I keep breaking all the rules because I'm discouraged. My well learned methods don't seem to be working. Either they are wearing me down or too many of them are on to these methods.

Teach these losers how to be winners, please.

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