Tuesday, March 17, 2009

'Net Networking

So I'm blogging with friends at a couple small business networking sites. We are looking for new fantastic ways to market and advertise ourselves. It is so important to get the word out. I've been asking for advice, and now I am taking that advice and making a move. I am ACTIVELY involved with about 2 gazillion networking sites. Actively was the missing link before. I love my product. I believe so strongly in my product, but everyone else doesn't. It's not a matter of anxiety, a bad experience, or any other negativity. It's simply most people don't know that my product exists. Now, I can't continue to rely on my virtually unknown product, or business, to just sell itself. I need to do far more grunt work! Far more grunt work! So, I belong to as many sites as I can effectively manage, and I have been staying active. I tweet on Twitter, and the proof is at http://twitter.com/LeandreaLarry. I will stay loyal to Myspace, http://myspace.com/blaisedENVY. Then there's my Etsy site that started it all, http://blaisedenvy.etsy.com/. I also maintain profiles at http://mycraft.com/, http://etsyaoc.ning.com/, and http://etsylove.ning.com/.

I think and equally exciting part about joining these sites, is that right now they supply me with as much or more knowledge as exposure. That's just as important to me right now too, because I realize there's still so much I need to learn to grow. I can now officially recommend that everyone try this their own way. I got this advice and it has been more valuable than the right wire to string with.

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